I come from a country where it’s dark and cold. A lot.

In the northern parts of Norway in the winter, the sun barely makes it above the horizon for more than a few hours a day.

Norway’s population of around 5 million is also very sparsely distributed. That means outside the big towns and cities people are used to no street lighting. Norwegians are very practical people though so their clothing in the dark of winter is not only warm but bright or reflective.

When I moved out of London a few years ago to the “country-side” of Ham near Richmond, I was amazed how no one seemed to dress for the darkness of winter.

Commuters, dog walkers, kids going to school – pretty much everyone wore dark clothing and were extremely difficult to see by motorists and cyclists.

This is quite simply dangerous.

The Norwegian solution to being seen although practical has little influence by fashion. I thought to myself, why don’t we have nice clothing to look at and to touch as well as being practical. From here the idea of SeeMee London was born.

Beautiful reflective garments in gorgeous wools and cashmere. Keeping you warm and safe. Invisibly visible in the dark.

SeeMee products use an amazing reflective yarn that is spun into the cashmere or wool that can barely be seen until light is shone onto it.

When designing these products I was keen to avoid heading straight to China or the Far East to source the cheapest materials and manufacture.

Instead I have chosen to keep this brand British – my home for the last 20 years.

The cashmere and wool is ethically sourced from a 100 year old mill in Yorkshire and they are manufactured in Leicester

This is very important to me. The fashion world has a lot to answer for often using child labour and sweat shops in the Far East to mass produce their product in the cheapest and most profitable way possible.

I think paying a little more for the materials and manufacture is a price worth paying to help our local economy whilst making a stand against the mass industry sweat shops …..